Avoiding Wildfires

New Mexico is experiencing record drought conditions.  Apparently Albuquerque has not been this dry in the first five months of the year in more than a hundred years.

The warm weather of spring entices many people to clean up their yards and burn debris. Spring also brings the threat of wildfires to many parts of the country. Watch for five tips to help raise awareness about the risks of open burning and wildfires during this season.

Wildfire Safety Tip 1: Follow the laws. Many communities have burning regulations, which could include requiring burning permits and restrictions on the times and places for open burning, as well as the items that can be burned

Wildfire Safety Tip 2: Watch the weather. Don’t attempt to burn on windy days or during periods of drought. Check with local fire officials to make sure weather conditions are safe for burning.

Wildfire Safety Tip 3: Never leave a fire unattended. Sparks could blow into leaves or grass and spread quickly.

Wildfire Safety Tip 4: Keep water nearby. A garden hose or bucket can help control fire in an emergency and will help extinguish flames properly and completely. When done, drown the fire with water and stir until everything is cold to the touch.

Wildfire Safety Tip 5: Consider alternatives to burning. Yard waste can be made into mulch or composted, while newspapers and many other items can be recycled.

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