Snapshot —Take Control of Your Savings

Insurance companies use information like age, gender and ZIP code to decide if you’re a safe driver—but Progressive’s Snapshot Discount sees the bigger picture. You get big credit for your safe driving habits. Snapshot’s simple, and it can save you up to 30 percent more in 30 days.Insurance In Farmington NM

Safe drivers save more

 Snapshot gives drivers the chance to earn our biggest discount ever. The safer you drive, the more you save. With Snapshot, customers who save the most:
› drive fewer miles;
› drive during safer times of day (not late at night or during rush hour); and
› brake with care (don’t hit the brakes too hard, too often).  Safe drivers come in all shapes and sizes. Some examples of drivers likely to save the most with Snapshot are those who:
› have an extra car that stays in the garage most of the time;
› drive a company vehicle during the week or travel,leaving their personal car at home;
› are great teen drivers; or
› have short commutes, or bike to work.
Putting you in the driver’s seat. 

If you’re a better driver, Snapshot lets you control what you pay for car insurance. Here’s how:
1. Let your agent know you’re interested inSnapshot. They’ll ask you about your driving habits to give you an idea of how likely you are to save with Snapshot.
2. Once you decide to purchase a Progressive policy with Snapshot, we’ll send you a small device within 7 to 10 days. Simply plug the device into your car’s onboard diagnostic port, usually located under the steering wheel. It’s easy and takes seconds.
3. Drive as you normally do for six months. After the fi rst 30 days, we’ll calculate your initial discount and apply it to your premium for the rest of that policy period. This could mean a refund if you paid in full, or a reduction in your monthly payments.
4. At the end of six months, we’ll calculate your personalized Snapshot Discount and ask you to return the device. You’ll then get to keep yourdiscount for future Progressive renewals.
With Snapshot, you only have the opportunity to save—your rate will never go up based on the driving data the Snapshot device collects.

Learn how to increase your discount
snapshot customers have access to their driving data as soon as they plug in their Snapshot device. Log in to and you can see how many trips you’ve taken, how many miles you’ve driven, and how many hard brakes you’ve had while the Snapshot device has been plugged in.
When we calculate your initial discount after 30 days, we’ll also show you what you can do to increase your discount amount before the end of your policy period.
Protecting your privacy
To save money with Snapshot, drivers share information about their driving habits with us. However, we collect only data that has a proven connection to safe driving habits,and protect your personal information at every step along the way:
› No GPS technology—Snapshot devices don’t include GPS, so we’ll never know your location.
› Speed and acceleration information not used—While Snapshot devices can “see” this information, we do not use it to find good drivers. Since there’s no GPS,we’ll never know if you exceeded a posted speed limit.
› No third-party vendors—Snapshot devices relay your driving data directly to us—no other vendor or outside party ever has access to your information.

Snapshot finally gives drivers the chance to save on car insurance based on how they actually drive. To learn more, or to sign up for Snapshot, call or visit ABC Insurance Services

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  1. James says:

    Telematics is more predictive of auto claims than credit scores; drive behavior is more related to claims than paying bills on time. Progressive and others who use usage based data for risk segmentation will have a significant advantage in the market. The challenge is that unlike credit, the consumer controls whether their driving telematics information is shared versus credit where insurers can get a score without the policyholder understanding that. If the day comes when car manufactures build this technology into their cars and the right to the information, then track the data themselves and sell it to insurance companies… they’ll have a new, fat revenue stream.

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