How many of you have ever had to file a claim with your personal automobile insurance agency? I’m willing to bet that only about half of you have had the wonderful opportunity to experience the claim process. Most of the customers that come into the office after an accident do not know the steps they […] Read more »

How Can I Save Money on Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance prices can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on the insurance company and the type of care that you drive, so that the obvious question is: How do I save some of that cash? Tip number one: Shop around. Prices can vary considerably from company to company so it pays to shop around […] Read more »

Tire Care for Your Automobile

Tire care and upkeep is crucial for a better ride and gas mileage for your vehicle.  Follow these four simple steps for better driving safely. 1.  Keeping tires inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure will help tires wear evenly and provide proper traction. 2.  You can find the maximum cold inflation load limit on […] Read more »