Am I Insured for This?

As an insurance agent I am often asked about policy coverage as it pertains to a specific event. First I would like to answer the question generally and then give four different examples of how this works in real life. Insurance coverage is intended for a specific unforeseen event that could happen to us but […] Read more »

New Mexico Homeowner’s Insurance

The Standard home insurance policy offers broad coverage for your personal belongings as well as your home.  There are actually four different coverages that are included in the standard home insurance policy, they are as follows:  first, coverage for your home; second, coverage for your personal belongs; third, liability insurance; and fourth, additional livings expense […] Read more »

Six Easy Steps to Completing a Home Insurance Claim

Filing a claim with your insurance company is a relatively straightforward process, that being said attention to detail is a requirement. I few simple steps will avoid some of the major pitfalls that can cost you not only valuable time but also equally valuable money. • Call your insurance agent or insurance company as soon […] Read more »