Cars vs Deer

I generally consider myself to be a good and safe driver.  I am generally alert and watchful for hazards in the roadway.  Last year I was driving my children to school when a deer jumped out from behind a bush where it had been hiding, and began sprinting across the highway.  I didn’t even have […] Read more »

Snapshot —Take Control of Your Savings

Insurance companies use information like age, gender and ZIP code to decide if you’re a safe driver—but Progressive’s Snapshot Discount sees the bigger picture. You get big credit for your safe driving habits. Snapshot’s simple, and it can save you up to 30 percent more in 30 days. Safe drivers save more  Snapshot gives drivers […] Read more »

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Every insurance company is in the business of making money by providing a valuable service to the public. Insurance is vital to the national economy and to our own personal economy. When we have an accident we all want prompt courteous response to our request for payment of the claim and we want to be […] Read more »