Is Your Airbag Safe?

Own a previously owned vehicle? Or been in an accident where the airbag deployed? Your airbag system could be at risk. When purchasing a used car, use available resources to verify the car’s history including if the airbag has ever been deployed. Less-than-reputable repair shops have scammed unsuspecting car owners by installing non-functioning or inappropriate […] Read more »

Practice Fire Safety

Watch for ways you can practice fire safety to keep your family safe. Run at least two fire drills per year so everyone is aware of what to do if a real fire occurs. Set up multiple scenarios during different times of day and designate a meeting place outside your home. Remember to include family […] Read more »

Insurance Myths

Like a teenager eager to try a new video game, playing before reading the rules, many drivers buy car insurance without really understanding what they’re buying. “In the rush to feel ‘covered,’ drivers can skip the details,” according to Chance Smith with ABC INSURANCE SRVCS in FARMINGTON whose agency offers coverage from well-known carriers like […] Read more »

6 Things to Do to Your Home

Many people have older homes.  These home often need a little TLC.  Have a look at the following list of things that you may need to have a look at. First: Steel plumbing pipes can clog from internal rusting. Replace them before they burst or reduce your water pressure. Second: Inspect the roof every six […] Read more »

Growing Perennials

Unlike annual plants, which must be replanted each spring, perennials grow from the same roots year after year. Though most flowering perennials are dependable and easy to care for, they still require some maintenance. Watch for six important steps to ensure a healthy and beautiful garden. Divide. Most perennials need to be divided every few […] Read more »