Flood Electrical Safety Tips

Flooding can pose many serious threats to you and your family. Among those threats is the risk of injury due to electrical shock. Follow these electrical safety tips to stay safe if flooding occurs in or around your home. Flood Electrical Safety Tip #1: Stay out of any area where you hear popping or crackling, […] Read more »

Fourth of July Safety

Safe Celebration: A surprising number of people are treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to fireworks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists an estimated 7,000 reported injuries in 2008. Safe Celebration Tip 1: Read and follow all firework warnings and instructions. Safe Celebration Tip 2: Only light fireworks on a smooth, flat […] Read more »


The following is a copy of advise provided by the FEMA regarding thunderstorms: What to Do Before a Thunderstorm To prepare for a thunderstorm, you should do the following: Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage during a severe thunderstorm. “If thunder roars, go indoors” because no […] Read more »

Avoiding Wildfires

New Mexico is experiencing record drought conditions.  Apparently Albuquerque has not been this dry in the first five months of the year in more than a hundred years. The warm weather of spring entices many people to clean up their yards and burn debris. Spring also brings the threat of wildfires to many parts of […] Read more »

New Mexico Home Insurance

It is very important that you know just what it is that you home insurance covers. Home insurance is split into 2 sections, and each section is then subdivided. Section one covers property, and section 2 provides responsibility and medical payments to others coverage. Householders policies don’t cover all loss exposures faced by people and […] Read more »