Valentine’s Day: Say I Love You With Insurance

  • New Mexico Homeowner's InsuranceDeluxe Godiva Towering Box of Chocolates:  $49.95
  • Romance bouquet with red roses:  $79.95
  • Forever love diamond knot pendant:  $1,199.00
  • I love you:  Priceless.

Yes, the love that we receive from those that are closest to us really is priceless; however, the gifts that we give to them do have a monetary value.  The National Retail Federation estimates that the total sales of Jewelry and watches will exceed four billion dollars this year, that’s a seven percent increase or last year. 

Now, I don’t know of anybody that will mention the word “” as they look into their lover’s eyes and hand over some treasured item that they hope will somehow express what words can’t say.  However, if an expensive gift is stolen or lost one of the first things that many people think about is can certainly make the loss of an expensive item a little easier to take, at least from a financial standpoint. 

Most homeowners polices, whether they be renter’s policies or homeowner’s policies, include coverage for jewelry and other expensive items; however, the coverage is usually limited to between one thousand and two thousand dollars.  Make sure that your jewelry is properly insured:  purchase an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy; these are also referred to as floaters.  There are even a few companies that offer very broad coverage for personal items as a standalone policy.  Generally these policies are not expensive and offer the broadest coverage available. 

Yes, I know that insurance is not a “romantic” topic, but it is an expression of two things:  concern and responsibility.  Those two feelings really are an expression of what love is:  concern for one’s welfare and taking responsibility – insofar as you are able – for it.  Now, I’m not going to go so far as to say that you should give your loved one and insurance policy for Valentine’s Day, I do want you to still have a loved one at the end of the evening, but perhaps the most loving and least romantic thing you can do is to make sure that everything is properly insured, so that your loved ones financial needs are taken care of at the most inconvenient and stressful times in their lives.     

As always talk to your insurance agent to see what coverage and premiums are available so that you can make the very best choice.

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  1. Ashley Miller says:

    Jewelry insurance cannot completely replace the sentimental value attached to a special piece of jewelry given to you by a loved one if it is ever lost or stolen, but if something unfortunate happen to it, you can have it fixed or replaced. I do not have Jewelry Insurance policy but my home insurance in Andover MA from Gilbert Insurance covers not only damage to my property but also has coverage to my jewelries.

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